Let’s Face it, Creating Video is Freakin’ Hard

You have to have the right equipment, the storytelling mastery to make it compelling enough to watch and build an audience, let alone the technical skills to make it look, sound, and feel great. And then there is the whole “being good on camera” part. Then once the video is done (if you ever get there) how do you send your message to the masses? Who is going to see your video?

No one has time for this crap.

Don’t Give Up Yet

Experts with years of experience in video production have packaged the entire process for you right here, right now. From concept to completion we cut through all of the clutter, did all the research and packaged all of the right tools and techniques so you can get results in less time.

After completing our Elite Videographer course you will be a hard-core, guerrilla style producer pumping out effective videos for others or for your business and getting results.

Along with our ongoing #1 video production coaching podcast, instant one on one support consultations, Q&A webinars and enrollment in the Elite Videographer Academy, your videos will be looking and sounding professional within a fraction of the time and with less hassle.

Enroll in the Elite Academy:

Business Tips and Ideas: The Elite are business people first, videographers second. Arm yourself with low-cost, money-making strategies and techniques to create compelling video that boosts sales, dominates the market and promotes your business! Learn what selling points to mention to keep your business a well oiled machine.

Equipment Reviews and Suggestions: The video industry is constantly introducing new technology. As part of the Elite, you want to stay on top of what is a profitable trend and what is just a fad. Elite Videographer are always ahead of the competition and on the cutting edge. Save billable production time and costs by cutting through the clutter with our helpful advice.

Production Techniques: Learn how to stay within the production time limits of the Elite. The hands on tips and techniques, free software links, plugins, camera enhancements and the special tools we introduce will make your workflow more efficient, your videos look better, customers happy and the money flowing in.

Web Video Instruction: Distributing video on the web can be very technical and confusing. Let us show you how simple it can be as we already did the hard work for you. Let us guide you through compression tools, compression recipes, HTML coding, SEO and analytics to take care of long after your video has been produced We help you drive integration and optimization of your video content throughout its lifecycle.

Live Online Coaching With Q&A Session: Club Elite is where pros relax, talk shop, interact, ask questions and share their experiences in a live, interactive visual discussion for on the spot advice and coaching from a community of other Elite Videographers and special guests via video and online chat.

Real World Advice: We make the mistakes so you don’t have to. We do exactly what we teach.

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