What Video Camera Should I Buy?

February 14, 2018 5

If you are looking for the best professional production quality video cameras priced from $2500 to $8,000+ then you’re listening to the right podcast!

Want to Make Money Producing Real Estate Video?

February 13, 2018 0

24+ page book and 40 minute video are the only two resources on the web that will teach you how to make money producing real estate videos! Nationally known Real Estate Videographer teaches you his techniques.

An In-Depth Look at What Equipment is Needed to Be a TV News Stringer

February 8, 2018 2

Keith asks: I recently moved to Las Vegas from N.Y. & have 3 years experience as a firefighter and 6 months as an ambulance driver. Two coworkers and myself want to dedicate two vehicles to become stringers. Please send us any information as far as getting the vehicles equipped, additional resources or any tips to make this successful.