5 Apple Marketing Techniques for your Video Business

A former Apple marketing executive revealed all of the company’s marketing secrets. Learn what they are and how they can build your video business on this edition of the DV Show.

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Show notes:

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  1. These are very nice marketing tips for video. I think you’re right. I need to be doing more showing of interaction and what results are in my videos instead of focusing on showcasing skills and equipment. My content is great by all accounts (so far!), but I don’t have the conversations or activity I’d like to see.

  2. Brian, what if you are just getting into corporate video and don’t have any customers that would be willing to give you a testimonial? This, I think is why most use a demo reel from stuff they have done. I guess we could hire actors, which is what most of the ads on tv do today. They get models who have never used Crest White Strips to say CWS really work.

    • These are called “hired testimonials” or “professional spokesperson” They sample the product and give positive feedback. The same can be done for any service including video production. Fiverr has tons of testimonials for hire that could stimulate customers. Tread lightly on this option it could backfire. It IS Illegal to buy/use fake testimonials in certain situations and considered to be highly unethical, especially for income opportunities.

      Like the fine print on insurance commercials on TV or supplement ads at GNC you should always disclose your use of paid endorsements.

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