5 Client Questions Videomakers Should be Prepared to Answer

To be an Elite Videographer you have to be on the ball, equipped with quick answers to client questions. Sure there are the simple ones like storyboard, budget and timing but what about the more difficult ones – the uncommon ones that will tell your client more about your process and how they will be treated throughout the production process if they hire you?

Here are answers to five eye opening questions a tire kicking client will ask you – and the answers.

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Show notes:

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  1. Free attracts tire kickers because they are cheap. You may get a few actual clients, but more often than not you are presenting your services as not something worth paying for.

  2. IMHO the thing that makes someone a tirekicker is someone who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to spend the money. I see tire a kicker more as a person who does not really want the production services but is curious about what is in their price range, they want to see how to do it themselves or they want to meet the editor and/or see their equipment.

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