Anyone Can Produce a Video for Your Business and That’s a Bad Thing

A “Professional Video Maker” comes in all forms nowadays and is such a broad title that can have different definitions. Let’s break down each one so you know what level of services they can provide before you start producing your next video with them.

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  1. I’ve sold a few poster-sized images to my clients (and would love to sell more but don’t derive majority of income from photography if that’s what you are asking. Foreign language translations is my bread and butter. I guess that makes me an amateur.


  2. I just love it when the ol’ amateur or professional podcast or topic pops up on Then the semantics nonsense kicks in.

    It’s not that complicated.

    If you stopped using your video camera and offering pictures for sale tomorrow, and you had no more income from your video work, could you still pay your bills?

    If you love shooting video and you make a little money now and then, but you work to pay your bills doing something other than video production, then you know what that means.

    You can play with the words until people walk away weary, but semantic word play won’t change reality.

  3. I have always found a particular distaste for this topic. A philosophy I subscribe to is that one can either be an amateur dabbler or strive to be professional in all that you do. A professional never stops learning and strives toward professional standards. An amateur is perfectly happy to dabble with enough bits and pieces to be dangerous at worst, and usually ineffective at best.

    Someone can make money via video production and by this catagorical logic profess themselves a professional videographer. Weird.

    Someone can love shooting video and climb to very high ability but not be motivated to run as a primary business and is relegated to dabbler status. Weird.

    I’ve been paid and published but almost never. I guess that makes me a semi-amateur !

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