Big List of Supported Cameras: Final Cut Pro X

Shawn asks: I have a Panasonic HD camera that records in AVCHD. The files have an “.MTS” extension on them. I’m using Final Cut Pro X and trying to get the files to import using the “Import” function under “File.” No luck. Do I have to convert these files using another program. If so, what’s the best way to do the import without losing any quality?

Answer: Earlier versions of FCP support more cameras than FCPX does – this is partly because Apple techs are still testing and qualifying new cameras. Also, some camera manufacturers will need to update their import plug-ins to work with the new 64-bit architecture of Final Cut Pro.

These updates are happening as quickly as possible with you’re camera brand mostly out of the way.  Meaning Panasonic is pretty much up to speed with most of their cameras. If you only have the mts – m2ts files, without the structure, you can use this program to recreate the structure and then import from the camera.

Sony is up to speed as well – they offer an XDCAM Transfer application that allows you to convert XDCAM video without transcoding so it can be imported into Final Cut Pro X.

If you are working with RED cameras, you can use the free RED software REDCINE-X, designed to transcode RED RAW video to ProRes for use in Final Cut Pro X.

Check to see if you’re camera is all caught up with this handy little camera compatibility guide.

Just click, tell it your camera and get the info…way to easy:

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