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Watch our training webinars while we record them LIVE in our studio. Anyone is free to view and interact through chat with instructors and special guests on the scheduled date and time.

The entire webinar is then made available for complete viewing and download in the Premium Subscriber area of our website once the recording is complete.

Produce a TV Show that Attracts Paying Sponsors

Producer Ken Jones, of the TV show, Calaveras Gold, will offer guidance in designing, producing, marketing, distributing and getting funding for your own TV show.

Broadcasting Online: DIY Webcasting Studio

Whether you’re looking to bring a full blown, multicam production straight to the web or just a single camera shot, this course will take you through the necessary steps needed to get up and running with live video quickly. Learn about the techniques, video and audio equipment plus free or low cost software options available to get the cleanest feed out to your audience.

Principals of Effective Website Design for Video Business

Visual design doesn’t determine the success or failure of a media professional’s web-site. In this course, we focus on the main principles and approaches for effective web design- practical design tips and techniques that are proven to get a potential client to contact you for more information or to do business with you.

Build a 6 Figure Corporate Video Business

Enjoy greater freedom, security, enjoyment and income. Listen to a successful videographer take you through simple, easy to understand steps to building your own video production empire. Save yourself the bumps and bruises of trying to figure it all out on your own when all of the inside secrets to running a highly profitable video production business is all right here.

The Art and Business of HD DSLR Filmmaking

Instructor Ron Dawson teaches you the creative advantages and overcoming disadvantages to shooting with a DSLR camera as well as business strategies to boost your bottom line.