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The DV Show podcast started in March of 2005 and has since become the trusted source for answers to listener questions related to digital video.

The shows are described by listeners as informative, edgy, offbeat, irreverent, and engaging — online radio programs like you’ve never heard before.

Hosted by Brian Alves, a 28-year veteran of video production, a crack team of 12 seasoned media professionals and one Entertainment Attorney, the shows are aimed at helping you improve your video productions by offering answers to your questions, equipment reviews, tips, tutorials, contests and high-profile interviews with industry professionals — all in a quick and engaging format for thousands of listeners to enjoy worldwide. Learn more about us

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The DV Show Podcast for February 27, 2012

Should you invest in high end equipment when pocket cameras are just as good? Which multi camera video switcher should you purchase? Controlling camera shake caused by loud music. Where to find quality, affordable voice over talent for free and wedding video music choices that will quickly land you in jail.

The Law & Video Podcasts

Find quick answers to hundreds of legal questions on The Law and Video Podcast, the next best thing to having an entertainment attorney at your studio.

Underwater Videographer Podcasts

Creating the perfect video is a challenge requiring more skill and planning than a deep wreck dive- learn how to get past these challenges with The DV Show’s newest podcast – Underwater Videographer!

Master List of Sites That Buy Stock Video Footage

Gail asks: Some people in the image and design community make money selling there work as stock work. Tons of designers I know look for royalty-free stock images, and it is a great way for an artistic talent to make extra money.

How to Produce Money Making Special Interest Videos

SIV Producer, David Knarr, tells us the strategy he developed to not only produce video titles that would sell, but to create a plan for promoting and selling them in this special podcast.