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Freebie Friday: Business & Legal Forms

What are you going to do when someone you recorded suddenly wants to take legal action against you? How can you protect your videos from infringing copyright thieves? How can you protect the ideas in your video? What if a client wants to see a service agreement before hiring you?

7 Sources of Free Music for Video

Will asks: I want to stay safe by using royalty-free music in my videos. Any resources you can point to where I don’t have to pay a small fee and use it forever without worrying?

What is an Elite Videographer?

Question: Brian, what is the exact definition of the Elite Videographer I hear so much about? I’ve spent years taking my time to create elegant wedding videos with proper color grading, great audio and a great story. The get in-get out mentality of web video production would make me a rookie all over again…right?

The DV Show Podcast for May 21, 2017

Cell Phones and the video they create – are they a threat to professional Cameras? Are smartphones good enough to replace the camcorder?

Master List of Sites That Buy Stock Video Footage

Gail asks: Some people in the image and design community make money selling there work as stock work. Tons of designers I know look for royalty-free stock images, and it is a great way for an artistic talent to make extra money.