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This $11 Monopod Takes Great Arial Shots

Daniel asks: what would you recommend using as a cheap monopod for my camera?

6 Body Positions That Will Take The Place of Your Tripod

Jeff asks: I hate lugging my tripod around just to get steady shots for the quick stuff. I usually just lean against a wall with my video camera but was wondering if the professionals had more tricks up their sleeve.

Talent Freezing In Front of Camera? Here’s What to Do:

Tony asks: How do you get talent to be comfortable in front of the camera? I’m tempted to hold up a toy and talk like a baby to get them to at least smile. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I turn the camera off they’re at ease – it gets turned back on they get stiff and nervous like a deer caught in headlights. Some even start mumbling inaudible comments. Help!

Truckload of Free Video Editing Software

Gabe asks: I’m a student just starting out with video production. I have a new video camera but not able to bust the budget with editing software seeing that money is so tight. I’m looking for a step up to make what I produce look more professional. Thanks!

Ten Ways for Churches to Use Video Right Now

Paul asks: How can my church use video other than the usual recording sermons? Any creative ideas?