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The DV Show Podcast for July 16, 2017

Off the Tracks is a new documentary chronicling the release and impact of Final Cut Pro X on the post-production industry. We talk to the Producer, Bradley Olsen, on this edition of The DV Show Podcast.

The DV Show Podcast for July 11, 2017

You’re not going to get “filthy” rich but if you want to make some side cash selling footage, as your full time job or have tons of spectacular video to repurpose and make serious dinero from, listen to this latest podcast and get the lowdown before taking the plunge as we (meaning you too) speak with Stephen Smith from Savvy Productions with open phone lines for Q&A.

Search Engine Trick Finds Millions of Songs

The first place we go to when a client needs a specific song in their production is to the search engines. Type in a song name, style or artist name and we get…..nothing. Searching MP3 files using normal phrases or words in any search engine is a hard thing to do. But by executing this simple string of altered code you can locate links of almost all the music you’re looking for…

Should You Get Sued for Shooting Bad Wedding Video?

Clayton asks: If I produce a good wedding video that the bride and groom thinks is bad will I end up in court getting sued?

38 Free Tools to Help Create a Summer Blockbuster

Nathan asks: There are a few projects I would like to do for a company just to gain experience and possibly a foot in the door. The problem is I have no cash to spend on the software used in school- the ones I’m most familiar with. Are there any free tools out their that will allow me to create a decent film?