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Get Awesome Video with an 18% Gray Card

Dan asks: I’m wondering if I need to purchase an 18% gray card for proper exposure. I’ve heard some people use it for video. Is that what it’s for? How would I go about using it? and how will it benefit me? I see some in photo stores for $60 and they have white on the reverse side for white balancing too. Is this a tool worth having?

The DV Show’s Smartphone App

When visiting the thedvshow.com using your Android or iOS device you will notice our site is mobile ready, looks totally different and contains special content for the video professional on the go.

Tilt Shift Video Production is Just Cool

Glen asks: For my work requirements, I need to make a tilt-shift video now. Some others told me that I can record one with a tilt-shift lens. But that’s too expensive and I can’t afford it. So now I want to ask whether have any video editor can add tilt-shift effect to videos easily and fast?”

7 Video Contests You Can Win Right Now

James asks: I’m a college student with lots of time and new video equipment on my hands. I heard you mention a few podcasts back that video professionals have an advantage when companies as for videos of their products. Are there any competitions that you know of as of 2017? I would love to keep my skills sharp and possibly win some cash in the meantime!

We Want You Back

When we made a promise to all Premium subscribers and listeners – “lifetime membership is a lifetime membership”. We meant it. If you’re reading this and you were a Premium Subscriber in the past – I’m personally inviting you to hop back on board with us. Here are the details to reactivate your account.