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Cisco says “Screw You” To Loyal Videographers


Dan asks: I feel screwed after reading your tweet about Cisco stopping production of the Flip camera. I just purchased it based on recommendations and now it goes away? What! I’m returning this thing and purchasing a Zi8. Good thing I have my receipt. Unless you have any other news that it’s not going away?

Answer: Yes, it’s true the Flip is going bye, bye and users, like yourself, are a little angry to say the least.

So angry they created a few petitions and websites to fight back. Here are the mainstream ones:



Personally, I would grab one while they are still available, once they are sold out then that will be that. Treat them well and it can last you 2 or 3 years, but I am not sure if they’ll be any support, extended warranty or even a replacement battery.

I hope someone will buy the Flip part of the business and keep it going.

Look on the bright side: there are other alternatives from Sony and Kodak (see our comparison of the Flip and Kodak cameras) to name a few. Plus, we’ll probably be able to buy a bunch of Flips at great prices now.

Save your receipt or save the Flip- it’s your choice.

Here is a snippet from AP in case you think this is a late April fool’s joke:

Cisco Systems Inc., one of the titans of the technology industry, on Tuesday said it is killing the Flip Video, the most popular video camera in the U.S., just two years after it bought the startup that created it.

It appears to be a case of a big company proving a poor custodian of a small one, even one that makes a hit product. Cisco never meaningfully integrated the Flip Video into its main business of making computer networking gear.

Flip Video users are now lamenting the demise of a camera that broke new ground. It was inexpensive, pocketable and very easy to use, from shooting to editing and online sharing. These features have been copied by many other manufacturers, but the Flip Video still outsells them.

read the rest here

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  • Leslie said:

    I agree with Vickie – the Zi8 is better and more affordable. Kodak (who makes the Zi8) is a more stable company as well.

  • Tim Trott said:

    The likely reason Cisco dropped the Flip is because cell phones and iPods can pretty much do the same thing for most potential buyers. It’s possible someone might buy what’s left of Flip just like they’re still making Delorians and Avantis long after DMC and Studebaker are gone. Cisco had no business buying Flip in the first place: it’s not their kind of game.

    If you have a Flip, and like it, then watch Amazon, Ebay and the local sale ads (Best Buy?) and grab a few spares while you can.

    Every see-saw has two seats: Choose which one you want to sit in — Bad news is often just opportunity in disguise.

  • OneRiver Media (@onerivermedia) said:

    @GeeketteSuzette Looks like CPT wont be able to get his #Cisco #Flip camera fixed after all: http://bit.ly/ek4BVZ #SOL

  • Vickie said:

    Kodak is the better camera anyway. Flip doesn’t take external audio. Office Max (in Cincinnati, at least), has them on sale this week for $80, but you still need the memory chip.


  • Dead Pine Production (@DeadPine) said:

    RT @thedvshow: Cisco says “Screw You” To Loyal Videographers http://bit.ly/i9vviw

  • Kevin Myhre (@KevinMyhre) said:

    RT @thedvshow: Cisco says “Screw You” To Loyal Videographers http://bit.ly/i9vviw

  • The DV Show Podcast (@thedvshow) (@thedvshow) said:

    Cisco says “Screw You” To Loyal Videographers http://bit.ly/i9vviw

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