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Do you have some kind of camcorder glossary? The terms in my manual are confusing?
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Here are some of the top camcorder terms, Feel free to add yours in the comments section below.

AE Shift
Allows a manual variation of Automatic Exposure (brighter-darker). Depending on the camcorder model, +/- 3 steps are available.

Bi-lingual switch
A feature, which all Sony stereo camcorders are equipped with.  Selects the channel when you play back pre-recorded bi-lingual software.

Demonstration Mode
Some camcorders have a self-demonstration function, viewed through the connected monitor.  It shows a couple of key features and demonstrates the effects visually.

Easy Connection
Additional connectors at the bottom of your camcorder allow a quick adaptation to home base station (e.g. AC-HS1) or an accessory product (e.g. TV tuner)

Edit Switch
Enhances the quality of your recordings when you copy your recordings e.g. on to a VHS recorder

End Search
No matter, at what position the tape may be ? when the End Search function is activated, it is run automatically to the end of the last recorded sequence.  The last 2 seconds of this sequence are played back.

Allows effective ending or beginning of scenes with black/mosaic fading in/out. Even more professional effects can be obtained with the overlap function from still picture into a moving scene.

Index Titler
This function works in conjunction with Cassette Memory.  By marking a scene with a title, a search function is able to find and identify that scene automatically.  After recording, tape or index titles can be added with customised size, colour and position.

Intelligent Accessory Shoe
The special connectors of this accessory shoe make it possible to communicate with any accessory product equipped accordingly, e.g. a video light, which is switched on automatically when you start recording.

Please see "Control-L/Video Recorder.

Through infrared ray transmission cordless sending of pictures and sound from the camcorder to a TV is possible.  Just by connecting the receiver (IFT-R10, optional) to the TV and placing the camcorder in front of the receiver (recommended distance 3m and with a +/- 5 degree).

Minimum Illumination
Indicated in Lux.  The smaller the Lux value, the higher the minimum illumination of the camera.  This makes it possible to obtain a good recording quality even in poor light conditions.  Especially camcorders with Slow Shutter Function achieve values of only 0.1 Lux.

Night Shot
This new program mode permits close shots even with extremely poor light conditions.  With the additional "IR emission unit" HVL-IRH the range can be extended up to 30 metres.

Photo mode
You can record still pictures for the period of 7 seconds.  With the Clear Frame function even moving objects can be frozen in perfect still frame quality.

Programme AE
Programmed auto exposures will give creative pictures easily in many different shooting conditions.  The shutter speed and iris are adapted to the particular situation.  Depending on the camcorder model, up to 6 different modes are available.  From portrait recordings to fast moving objects, you will always find the appropriate program.

Together with the new intelligent Lithium ion batteries and a camcorder equipped accordingly, you can check the remaining battery power on the viewfinder.  This is realised with additional connectors between the battery and camcorder.

Solar Window/Power Save Sensor
Some camcorders equipped with a colour viewfinder have a solar window on the top of the viewfinder which utilises sunlight as the backlight of the LCD and gives a brighter picture in the viewfinder.  The Power Save Sensor means the viewfinder is automatically switched on only when the user approaches.  This will save the power consumption of the camcorder.

By reducing the power consumption of the camcorder and attaching the high energy InfoLithium batteries (NP-F750/NP-F950, optional) to stamina camcorders, a maximum of 12 hrs continuous recording time has been realised.

Wind Noise Reduction
Reduces lower frequency noise.  Effective for shooting in windy conditions.

XR Series
The new Video 8 and video Hi8 camcorders of the XR series are equipped with a newly developed Hyper MIG video head, providing a once again significantly improved picture quality with enhanced sharpness and colour resolution.

Zebra Pattern
Indicates the correct exposure setting by way of a solarised picture in the viewfinder.  This works effectively under very bright light conditions as an indication to either close the iris, reduce, gain or increase shutter speed.

Zero Memory
This makes it possible to insert new footage exactly, deleting the previous recording on this particular section of the tape.

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