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My nephew got an audiovox camcorder that shoots in the ASF format. Is There a converter to allow iMovie or quicktime to open and edit these files? Any suggestions?
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Advanced Streaming Format. Microsoft's new audio/video format, is meant specifically for streaming purposes. This format stores audio and video information into one file, mainly WMV compressed files, and is specially designed to run over networks like the Internet. It is a highly flexible and compressed format that contains streaming audio, video, slide shows, and synchronized events.

There?s software available for the PC and Mac to convert an ASF file to the AVI format or the quicktime format? one is called EnhanceMovie another is
Get ffmpegX. where you can edit ASF files and save the enhanced videos into the AVI or MPEG format which can be edited later.

Virtual Dub 1.3 or Windows Media ASF Indexer does it as well on the windows
side along with Canopus Procoder.

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