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HELP! My camera stopped recording and my viewfinder/LCD says "EJECT TAPE"
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Your camera's tape drive has gotten a bit stuck. Most often if you simply eject the tape, and place it back in the mechanism it will work fine, at least for a while.

Camera's do not have very powerful engines relative to desktop recorders, sometimes they just get stuck. Most of the time this is not a real problem at all. If it only happens once in a blue moon, you should not worry too much about it.

So how can you avoid it ? One way around it is to take new tapes and fast forward, then rewind them completely before attempting to record on them. I do this in my desktop recorder routinely. This "loosens up" the tape just a bit, and I have never had a tape stick during recording if I did this.

So, why does it happen?

I only have a hypothesis: Most of the time this is the tapes has gotten a bit stuck to itself. That is why running it through forwards and backwards seems to work so well. It is mechanically unsticking the tape to/from itself.

Another common reason is that the tape is improperly tensioned. Usually it is simply wound too tightly. Fast forwarding and rewinding in your camera or tape deck will retension the tape.

Last update: 09:03 PM Friday, August 4, 2006


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