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What's the best external microphone for my camcorder?
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Users that want the best audio soon realize that virtually every camcorder's built in microphone isn't that great. For the best audio, typically an external Shotgun Microphone is attached. Obviously first ensure that your camcorder has a mic input (this should be a normal 1/8th" plug).

As for which microphone is best, that's naturally subjective. I personally use and recommend the Sennheiser MKE 300. This is a relatively inexpensive (under $200) mic. This microphone, like some others, records in MONO only. If this is a problem, import your video to your computer and just copy the audio to the second channel and you're done. The MKE 300 is powered by a small watch battery and has an On/Off switch.

There are of course other mics. There are tips on our website with more details?.visit the tips page. Another resource is and search through the forums , eventually you should be able to narrow your choices down and then shop by price.

In any event, don't waste your money on the $50-60 units. For good audio, keep saving until you have at least twice that amount to spend.

One more thing, consider getting a shock mount for your external microphone. A shock mount will "float" your microphone so that internal camera noises and vibrations don't work their way up to your microphone. To be honest, they'll make your camcorder look really cool too :)

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