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I have a new iMac and a Sony mini DV camcorder but can't seem to get the two to talk to each other. For starters, the supplied software from Sony is for Windows only, and connecting with a firewire cable using iMovie doesn't appear to be working. Is there some other third party software so that iMovie can see and download the video, or have I just missed a simple step in the process?
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Reason: The camera and Mac can't decide which device is giving the FireWire instructions, and which is supposed to be receiving and acting on them.

Using a simple sequence lets the camera receive instructions from iMovie.

  • Turn your camcorder to Play mode.
  • Press menu button (or relevant touch-screen button)
  • Click the 'ETC' item and then to CONTROL.
  • Select i-link (and not IR).


  • Turn your camcorder to Play mode.
  • Press the Menu button  (or relevant touch-screen button)
  • Scroll down the Menu  to the 'ETC' option, if there is one
  • Click the 'ETC' item and choose 'VIDEO EDIT' if it's there
    Click 'VIDEO EDIT'  and 'MARK 1 IN' may appear
  • Click on  'MARK 1 IN' and then exit from the Menu options, by pressing the Menu button again

Few more things to try: popular fix

  • go to SystemDrive/Library/Receipts
  • Look for all files that look like... Quicktime###.pkg where the ### is 602 or 701 or 703 etc.
  • Throw them all away.
  • Then go and get the full install back from the website and reinstall Quicktime.

That will fix it.

Find another cable, camera and computer and do simple testing to discover which part of the chain has gone bad.

There are more fixes for mac users and Pc users who are having trouble getting their camcorder recognized:



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