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I have an 8 year old Panasonic miniDV Camcorder that has worked flawlessly until the last couple of weeks. While on vacation, I installed a new Sony mini DV tape (I normally use TDK) and got a "Dew detected" message. The Dew Detected message went away after a day but the video a recorded was pixilated and choppy during playback. I thought a simple head cleaner would do the trick, unfortunately after 3 runs of a TDK head cleaner, the problem still exists on playback of any previously recorded tape. What are my options?
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Common error with some JVC models. Dew or moisture got into your camera and now it has to be taken out.


1: Moisture from the environment could have caused this.

2: Sweat from your hands got onto the tape then into the camera


3: Even plane rides cause dew.  Temperature issues and pressurization, cooling or whatever, it causes the camcorder to almost sweat. Going from cold to hot, hot to cold causes dew.


I contacted Panasonic to see what was up and the rep told me to remove the tape, use a hair dryer (low setting) for about 5 minutes and then leave it opened overnight. This did not work. So I called back and the manager then suggested sending it in for service- which would cost $200 or so dollars.

Put the camera in a plastic bag with the tape door open and insert a silica gel bag (that you find in shoe boxes). Close the plastic bag and leave it overnight. The next morning, your video camera should work.

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