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I just got the JVC doesn't work with Final Cut Pro or iMovie? When will there be an update to support this camera?
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The great thing of this cam is that is can communicate to the Mac via USB and firewire. Use the USB and you will see the files. Yet iMovie HD (06) nor iMovie (08) will be able to import them. Install the JVC Quicktime plugin and you can drag the files to iMovie 06. I haven't tried this with '08 yet.

The HD7 is a beast of a cam. It can also pretend it is a HDV camcorder with mini-dv tape (which it is NOT!). Record your movies in the 1440CBR setting on your HD7. This is set in the settings. Then make a playlist on the camcorder of the clips. Start the PLAY PLAYLIST option in the menu. DO NOT PRESS (and thus select play) the button, but move it to the right. Now your cam will act as if it has a HDV tape and via firewire both iMovie 06 AND iMovie 08 will think the stream comes from a HDV tape.

It works perfect! Of all camcorders I have tested with 06 and 08; of the disk/memory records only the HD7 works with both apps......
Of course almost all HDV tape camcorders will work. But the great thing of the HD7 is that you have the random access convenience on the camcorder and the virtual unlimited export possibilities.

A few things you could do:

1. Install specific software from JVC

2. Convert the TOD files to ProRes in the quicktime player. The plugin makes sure you can play tod files in your quicktime player. Importing the files in final cut pro is just slow and not working well.

Last update: 07:54 AM Tuesday, June 3, 2008


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