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My JVC camcorder displays the "safe mode" and "error 06" message after sticking a tape in. Any suggestion on fixing this?
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E06 means the tape drive motor is not rotating or stalled

We recommend:

Taking it to a camcorder repair shop

One listener recommends:

Go down to your local drug store and buy some rubbing alcohol and que tips. Turn your JVC camcorder on and hit the eject button. Now while its in eject mode and the tape is removed, remove the battery and all power sources from the JVC camcorder.

Dip your que tip in the alcohol, (dont soak it) look inside where your tape goes and you will see a black round opject. Thats the Capstan. Rub the alcohol q-tip on that doing a up and down motion and go all the way around. After this is done your codes are gone and all you get is a clean heads message but thats easily fixed with a radio shack or any other head cleaner for this unit.

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