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Can I capture video faster than real-time, or is it limited to real-time by principle? There is more bandwidth on the fire wire cable than the bandwidth of the video footage, right? what’s the limiting factor, is it the drive of the camcorder? or am i just too spoiled by "capturing" cds and dvds?
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When capturing to a computer using a camcorder, capturing faster than real time is not possible – at least not yet. The limiting factor is tape- which is still subject to the physical/mechanical limitations of the format and hardware that handles. So an hour of footage is going to take an hour to capture.

There are some expensive products on the market that capture quicker than usual one is for?the Sony DSR85 DVCAM.?It is a hi-Speed Editing Recorder/Player, which can transfer 4 times. List is $19,700.00

There is an Hitachi with an on-board mini-DVD drive.?And Sony makes an outboard drive that will record 3 hours of DV and then the drive can be plugged into a computer via the firewire connection and the clips are directly available to the editing system.

Copying data from?a portable drive?would be significantly faster than the real time transfer using the mini dv player.

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