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I have a 1394B Firewire card on my computer. My camcorder has a different connection on the end of the included cable and I am told it is still a Firewire cable. How can I connect my camcorder to my capture card when the connections are different?
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Regular IEEE 1394 (or Firewire 400) devices such as your camcorder use a 6 pin connector while your card uses a 1394B (or Firewire 800) connector.


What you simply need is a cable with a 400 connector on one end and a 800 connector on the other or simply purchase an adapter and you should be all set. The good part is that Firewire 800 is backwards-compatible with Firewire 400 when 'bilingual' (9-pin to 6- or 4-pin) cables are used. Firewire 400 devices will still run at Firewire 400 speeds, even when connected to a Firewire 800 host.


Here is the cable you need:



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