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What is the preferred way to take DV video and capture it into a computer? Firewire? Analog cables?
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DV over Firewire carries video, audio and device control signals, all through the same medium.  No extra cables. All that's needed is the proper drivers. Their implementation may be different  across the boards. One fly in the ointment: For a long time, there was no real device control standard specified in DV, so manufacturers could (and did) pretty much roll their own protocols. A device driver writer must therefore detect the device the driver is talking to and then adjust the commands accordingly. This can be a headache. Expect first revisions of these drivers to be a bit rocky. For instance, the first FAST DVMaster drivers didn't get along too well with the DHR-1000 DVCR by Sony. Also, early versions of some boards may lack tight integration of device control with Premiere and other editing applications. With major architectural changes imminent from ActiveMovie 2 (or, as Microsoft calls it now, DirectShow) and Quicktime 3, developers probably will wait for the dust to settle. 

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