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How much space does an hour of video recording take?
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This should give you some idea.

Be aware though that the space a video will take up varies from each recording because video quality may vary slightly. Also each recording may contain more information, for example compare a recording of a black screen will take up less space than a recording of a sports event.
  • Digital video applied with standard DV/DVCPRO compression takes up about 250 megabytes per minute or 13.7 gigabytes per hour
  • HDTV = 12Mbps (5.4GB/hr) - 18Mbps (8.1GB/hr)
  • SDTV = 4.4Mbps (2.0GB/hr) - 6.7Mbps (3.0GB/hr)
  • DVD = 3.5Mbps (1.6GB/hr) - 6.0Mbps (2.7GB/hr)
  • MP3 = 128kbps (57.6MB/hr) - 256kbps (115.2MB/hr)
Recordings that use advanced video compression such as DivX will allow you to squeeze a little more video into a GB of space.

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