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Will footage shot with a standard DV camcorder match footage shot with an HD camcorder?
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If you match CCD size, capture rate and mode, processing, compression, color space, lenses, the HD-to-SD down conversion will STILL look better than SD origination because it began with more pixel resolution. My guess is that if both the HD and the SD cameras are 4:2:2, both have 16:9, the same size CCD?s, both have the same lens on, both shoot the same format (24P, 30P, 50i, 60i, etc.) then the HD-to-SD downrez should not be superior than the SD-originated image but look about the same.

For example, if one took a 24P HDCAM recording (which isn't even 4:2:2 but let's say that it was) and downconverted it to DVCPRO50 16:9 NTSC with a 3:2 pulldown added to convert 24P to 60i, would it still be a better image than something shot in 24P using the DVCPRO50 16:9 NTSC Panasonic SDX900, which is also a 2/3" 16:9 CCD camcorder?

Someone said that the HD-to-SD downrez would still be superior because it was sampling a more detailed, higher rez image, but isn't the SD camera in this case photographing reality itself, which is even higher in detail?

There are way too many variables that can't be locked-down to be able to answer this question conclusively. It is daunting task to evaluate.


I?m going to leave this question open to more research or maybe some comments from listeners who have experience working with both formats.


Last update: 02:27 PM Saturday, April 28, 2007


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