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I just bought a Sony HD camcorder. I also bought some standard miniDV tapes and some HD Mini DV tapes. Will the quality of my recording be as good as if I would use a HD miniDV tape? And What is the difference between standard miniDV tapes and HD miniDV tapes?
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You can record to both but you will wear out your heads using Metal Partical DV tape instead of professional Metal Evaporated tape. It's a completely different tape formula - nothing like consumer DV tape at all. Choose a brand model and stick to it. Otherwise you will have problems.


Metal Evaporate Tape is the way to go for HDV for several different reasons:


You can record either HDV or standard-definition DV on a MiniDV tape - they use the same bitrate, so as far as the digital information is concerned, the HDV format is not more demanding than DV.

Having said that, when things go wrong a bit error (or dropout) in HDV material can have a much bigger impact than with DV. Bottom line is that many people invest in higher-grade tape for HDV to reduce the probability of dropouts, and those higher-grade tapes are often sold as "HDV" tapes.

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