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My problem is severe jaggies, ugly interlacing and motion artifacts. The footage was shot in HD,1080i,24P. The jaggies are in spots where there is some kind of quick movement. Is there anything I can do?
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If you shot interlaced, then it'll look interlaced no matter how you capture it... unless you deinterlace it in post, which unless I'm reading you incorrectly, you're not doing.

You must deinterlace.

One of the best pieces of software I found for deinterlacing is the free VirtualDub (or VDub MPEG2 when working with HDV).

Are you seeing these same artifacts on an interlaced HDTV, or just on your progressive computer monitor? Interlaced footage played on a progressive monitor will always look like this, but it will look fine on an interlaced monitor. You actually have no problem if that's an accurate assessment of the situation.

If you do see these jaggies on an interlaced display, then that's different. Either your field order has gotten reversed, or your footage is all shifted over on the timeline by 1/60 of a second, or something like that.

I know in premiere you have to select de-interlace to make the footage look like it's really progressive. Selecting progressive still looks like interlaced when exporting.

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