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How do I connect my computer to a TV?
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The easiest way to connect your computer to a TV is to use an appropriate video cable. To figure out what video cable you need, take a look at the video outputs on your computer. Common video output ports are VGA ports, DVI ports, composite video ports, and S-Video ports.

Once you know what video outputs your computer has, determine the video inputs on your TV. If your computer has a VGA or DVI port to match your computer, connect your computer to the TV using those ports and an appropriate cable. It's as easy as connecting a computer to a monitor, and it ensures you get the best picture quality.

If your computer and TV don't have matching VGA or DVI ports, look to see if you can connect the composite video or S-Video output on your computer to a corresponding input on the TV. Directions on how to do this can be found here.

You'll need an S-Video cable or composite video cable to connect matching ports. If needed, you can buy a cable to connect an S-Video output on your computer to a composite video input on your TV, or vice versa.

While the wired connections are the easiest to create, wirelessly connecting your computer and TV can be a great option if you want to keep the computer in an office but be able to connect it to the TV in any room. To connect a computer to a TV wirelessly, you will need a media center extender, a device that connects to your TV and gives you wireless access to the content on your PC. Xbox 360s can be used as media center extenders, and other extenders are available.

Once you have your computer connected to a TV, try using Windows Media Center to watch and record live TV, view photos on your TV, and listen to music through your home entertainment system.

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