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What is the rule of thirds?
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The Rule of Thirds is a guideline that visual artists use to create visual compositions that are easy for the eye to digest.

To implement this rule in your videos, simply break the screen into three equal rectangles from top to bottom, then into three more from right to left. This will give you a picture broken down into nine boxes.

Using this breakdown, place the subject of your composition somewhere along the inner lines or the points where the lines intersect. This makes the picture more aesthetically pleasing. If you place your subject on the outside edges, you'll have a confusing picture; if you place it in the dead center, you'll have a boring picture.

When shooting landscapes, choose which element you'd like to emphasize: the sky or the land. If it's the sky, place the horizon line on or near the line a third of the way from the bottom. If it's the land, place the horizon at or near a third of the way from the top.

These guidelines can go a long way toward making your videos more visually interesting. Not everyone uses them, but it's a good idea to know what they are so that when you break them, it'll be intentional, not accidental.

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