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How can I upload a video longer than the ten minute limit on Youtube?
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Try,, dailymotion, grouper, vimeo, grouper, yahoo video, google video and my favorite, VIMEO…

The list goes on and on and on…there is a nice little comparison chart – that goes over Ease of Use. File Size, Storage Limitations and a whole lot more. A link to download that document will be in the show notes of this podcast.

If you still wanted to keep your video on Youtube, because it still is the top site where millions of people go and watch videos every minute, there are ways to get around the 100mb 10 minute limit

Using Youtube, you can do a few things:

  • Split the file into smaller files and post the videos on Youtube in sequence

  • Change your account to a Director account or

  • Become a YouTube Partner

Now if you can’t get the Youtube status to upload larger images there are a few works arounds…..One is to use Youtube’s own Single File Uploader and the YouTube Uploader. Depending on which upload method you choose, your videos can be up to 100MB or up to 1GB.

If you choose to use the YouTube Uploader, your video can be up to 1GB in size.

There was a user a named Charles Trippy, he decided to see how far he could push the limits of Youtube uploads—he went ahead and posted the longest YouTube video ever. How long are we talking? About 9 hours.

He left a webcam on in his room and recorded for 9 straight hours and then compressed the video to squeeze the whole thing down to 100MB

According to Charles in an email interview for the DV Show, he used Final Cut Pro’s Compressor, QuickTime Pro, and many other compression based tools to create the Longest Video On YouTube. He says he compressed over 20 times to keep under the 100MB limit and it took him over a week to do!

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