18 of the Best Free Video Editing Software

Gabe asks: I’m a student just starting out with video production. I have a new video camera but not able to bust the budget with editing software seeing that money is so tight. I’m looking for a step up to make what I produce look more professional. Thanks!

Answer: Why buy a video editor when you can do most normal video editing with a free tool? This is a VERY EXHAUSTIVE (always updated) list of 17 of the best free video editors out there right now with links to download instantly.

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  1. Good collection of video editing software. It’s amazing how they are using the “razor blade” selling technique: the actual editing software is free but additional add ons like effects and dissolves will cost you.

  2. Lightworks might be worth considering: It used to be a commercial program used in high end productions – so I’m hoping it will be a more reliable and polished product compared to most free edit

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