Why Video Makers Should NOT Be Selling Video

It’s not about your ability to edit video. It’s not all about your video equipment…Do you know what your clients are REALLY buying when they need your video services? Let’s talk about it on this edition of The DV Show.

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Show notes:

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  1. Awesome podcast! the best advertising or any marketing initiatives is where you can reach your target audience and help them solve their problem.

  2. Great Podcast, DV SHOW team. SEO is a great way to sell video content. Once you learn how to optimize video for search clients love it! but you have to invest time and effort into it but it’s a good way of getting customers. Encouraging your visitors to share your content on their social media accounts also works very well in some cases.

  3. In six week’s I’ll be paid $1,200 for a video for a client who just wanted SALES and LEADS from that video. Bravo, DV SHOW you hit the nail on the head with this podcast and a nail in the coffin of every video pro who just had all of their secrets revealed now. Jerks. LOL

  4. What the hell! I’ve been doing it all wrong! lol. Awesome podcast that gave me a different perspective, really. You guys are NERDS NERDS NERDS thanx for the listen I will try what you suggest!!

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