December 3, 2007: More of your camcorder questions answered- part 2! The holiday season is upon us and we're getting bombarded with camcorder questions- we let the answers all out on this special show.

Running time: 33:35
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Email and voice mail questions answered:

-  What is the difference between HDV and Mini DV Camcorders? do they use the same tapes?
- My 6 year old wants to become Steven Spielberg. What would you suggest I purchase to get him started?
- Which camera do you think is the best for the price between the Canon XH-A1, Sony HVR-V1U, Sony HVR-Z1U, Sony HDR-FX1 and the Sony HDR-FX7? I just want the best camera for my buck and the one that's not going to be extinct tomorrow.
- Can you add the effects from iMovie into Final Cut Pro?
- I was thinking about buying a Canon HV20 with mini DV for the holidays but with Panasonic's new SD5 AND Canon's HG10 out now. I'm confused about what HD camcorder to buy.
- I'm looking into getting a Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000 which has an external microphone input. I was wondering what kind of microphone is good for live music performances.

Show notes:

- Camcorders for Kids
- Sony-HVR-V1U, Sony-HDR-FX7, HVR-Z1U-Canon-XH-A1 compared
- FX Scripts & Natress Plugins
- iMovie 08 Compatible Devices
- Audio in the Field- 6 Recorder Reviews

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