November 12, 2007: Streaming Media and Compression Specialist Derrick Freeman, from Genius DV, talks with Barb DeHart VP, Telestream Flip4Mac Products. The VP of On2 Technologies Mike Savello and Gary Anderson, President and CEO of Netbriefings.

Running time: 55:22
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Barb DeHart - VP, Telestream
Flip4Mac Products

Give us some background on your company - Talk about the Flip4Mac component products
- Describe Episode and the news regarding Compressor integration that was announced at NAB 2007 and the recent Episode 4.4 release.
- What is Episode Podcast and what does it mean for Mac users?
- What's unique about Episode?
- Tell me about your new Pipeline network encoder.
- Talk about some of Telestreamís enterprise products?
- With the many frequent product updates, what's driving the aggressive work that Telestream is doing in the compression space?

Mike Savello - VP, On2 Technologies

- On2 Technologies was recently at the Streaming Media West show. Tell us what you were doing there.
- Did you make any special announcements at Streaming Media West
- You have some excitement going on in regards to H.264 support in your Flix product. Tell us more about this?

Gary Anderson - President and CEO, Net Briefings

- At Streaming Media East earlier this year you made an announcement about Proclaim. Tell our listeners about that.
- Gary, Tell us what you were doing at Streaming Media West 2007.
- Give us more detail about your Enterprise product E-Conference Enterprise.

Show notes:

- On2 Technologies
- Netbriefings
- GeniusDV

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