October 8, 2007: Streaming Media and Compression Specialist Derrick Freeman, from Genius DV, talks with David Trescot, VP of the Rhozet Business Unit at Harmonic. Ben Waggoner, Digital Media Evangelist, Core Media Processing Technology at Microsoft talks about the features in Silverlight.

Running time: 53:54
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Questions for David Trescot:

- Can you give an overview of Rhozet and what the company does?
- How does Harmonic fit into the equation?
- Talk about the types of customers and companies your tools support.
- What are some of the encoding challenges that people are trying to solve.
- Talk about the support of Flash and H.264 in your compression tools.
- Will there ever be any information in your encoding solutions that provides a disclaimer about licensing requirements for H.264 and MPEG-2?

Questions for Ben Waggoner

- What is Silverlight and what does the format mean for content producers?
- How do people get the Silverlight plug-in?
- What can Silverlight do that other Windows Media formats canít do?
- What type of different types of interactivity can Silverlight provide?
- When will Silverlight be supported in the Windows Media Streaming Server?
- Plus more!

Show notes:

- Rhozet
- Silverlight
- Ben Waggoner's Blog
- Streaming Media West
- GeniusDV

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