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Say Goodbye to Video Hosting Sites Forever

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Question: No matter what free video hosting site I use, it seems I keep getting booted off and my videos are completely gone, never to be seen again. I’m careful to comply with their terms of service but it still keeps happening. How can I avoid this in the future?

Answer: Amazon S3 has become the reliable video file hosting of choice for many businesses and individuals and is currently the most popular solution for large bandwidth operations.

You can have control of your videos.

Why should you use S3:

  • Amazon S3 is cheap.
  • It’s scalable – use as much or as little storage and bandwidth as you want.
  • Easy to use.
  • Everyone can use S3 – while it was built for developers, it is now widely used by anyone who needs a secure and simple Hosting solution.
  • Your data is safe as S3 is an Amazon service. Amazon is also a brand name that people recognize so it can add kudo’s to your content.
  • S3 is more reliable than a homebuilt server or cheap web Hosting account.

Click here to watch an archived webinar: Learn How To Host Video With Amazon S3

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