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Software Based Video Switchers


Don’t pay thousands of dollars for a production switcher when it’s all going to go into your computer anyway. Sure, you could get one, Cut the show on the mixer and run it a digital converter and into the computer, but why? When you can do it for under $100 with video switching software. There are tons of them out there.

There are advanced live webcasting products available for your Mac or PC that enables you to stream multiple live video cameras, while dynamically mixing in other media (movies, images etc). Some even include features such as Chroma Key (blue/green screen) and built-in titles allowing you to create beautiful, professional webcasts.

Links and trial downloads of 22 products we recommend for the PC and the Mac:

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  • EC said:

    Any one try it using live consert
    is anyone can fix the latency and video out of sync problem

    Or PC SEG cannot perform live mix for consert

  • admin (author) said:

    the information in this article is all you really need…. 😉

  • renish said:

    hey guys suggest me a good software which can handle switching of atleast
    4 hd cams . and a suitable comp configuration for that kind of video processing. as this is for a church based webcast, budget is the issue. so give best optimum solution…

  • fredgleeck said:

    The video switching software discussed were spoken of in terms of webcasting. Can I use the same software if I want to capture to hard drive and then edit and create DVDs??

  • admin (author) said:

    This article covers mobile web casting as well as distribution to more than one website.

  • Richard Vernon Ellis III said:

    I’m looking to do live webcasting directly to a smart cell phone. Two cameras at first then more. Then distribute to more that one website.

  • David L Good said:

    I’m not really sure how some of this software made it on the list. As stated in the video podcast, Live Channel Pro is no longer offered (even if you purchased it you can’t use it since it requires a new license file from the developer every year — and the developer is M.I.A.). Even mentioning the software is a waste, since there are a lot of ‘download’ sites out there that still have it, but people will end up wasting their time if they download it, like it, and then discover it’s impossible to use without the license key.

    I have no idea how Apple’s QuickTime Broadcaster made it on the list. It has absolutely no switching capabilities at all — never has. It’s a decent internet broadcaster, but can’t do even a basic ‘cut’ with it. It’s a one-video-feed-pony.

    VH Multi Camera Studio is no longer offered for general download — so don’t bother with that one either (although it may have been available at the time this podcast was made, so I’m not harping on that one).

    BoinxTV is a pretty new switcher for the Mac. It does a good job — better in many ways than Wirecast. It does not ‘broadcast’ your stream over the internet, but it is still useful for live switching if you’re staying local with your video (and if you have a really good video card installed).

  • Angel said:

    I need some help to fine the best software for my mac.

    I want to use 3 hd camera with HDMI comection to record live event and broadcast in a tv channel.
    My question is what is the best software to handle the stres of three HD cameras and audio input whitout problem.

    Thank you

  • Marc said:

    I own Wirecast and while the software features are nice, it continues to max out my CPU on my $5k Alienware gaming laptop with multiple processors. Too bad, I had high hopes…ended up having to buy a Tricaster.

  • Husain said:

    I need da softwere can work like VidBlaster. But the software I need can make a variety Video format, DV, AVI. In and out.

    Husain Kagolo

  • Hexydes said:

    Cool list! I knew most of them, but a few I hadn’t seen.

    Only problem is, most of these still don’t work or only partially work with HD solutions like Blackmagic’s Intensity Pro coupled with an HDMI-out HD camera, or Microsoft’s Lifecam Cinema HD.

  • Ed Brough said:

    CutFour looks nice but its limit of 4 inputs is pretty week for its price. Vidblaster is the powerful option here with lots of nice features for simplicity however its effects are limited and its on the fly editing of certain elements isn’t brilliant, though the developers are always looking for helpful advice, features and upgrades. One that was missed from the list was the GlobeCaster, as similar tool thats making its way up the ranks. I’m curious to see how it compares to the others mentioned.

  • VidBlasterUS said:

    Under Modules on the top menu, select Add, then Recorder. Right clicking on the Recorder brings up the module’s options. When you are ready to webcast, click on the record button and you are good to go.

  • VidBlasterUS said:

    VidBlaster is priced the same no matter where you purchase it. Only VidBlasterUS offers free video tutorials and other resources to help our customers get up to speed quickly. We also offer turnkey computer systems powered by VidBlaster. Needless to say, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Finally, programmers program, resellers offer customer support, provide feedback to the developers to help improve the software as well as sales. It’s a proven system that works well for everyone.

  • VidBlasterUS said:

    Processing/editing video is one of the most demanding tasks you can perform on a personal computer. While VidBlaster is an amazing broadcast and webcasting software, to get the most out of the program it is recommended that you have a fast computer with multi-core processors. If you consider what traditional switching hardware costs, it is quite a bargain.

  • clubmix666 said:

    How do I find that option?

  • VidBlasterUS said:

    Yes, VidBlaster has a Recorder module that allows you to record your production directly to your hard drive.

  • eagl0r said:

    It’s not smart to buy from a reseller. Prices will be higher and you wont be talking to the developer(s) themselves.

  • clubmix666 said:

    I have a question, can you record what you are streaming using vid blaster? like if you are streaming your video online can it be recorded at the same time as well?

  • SonicOrbStudios said:

    I’ve been using the Studio version in Trial mode and it’s an outstanding basic solution to multi cam productions however it still takes up quite a few system resources. The latest studio version really fixed this a lot but I would like to see that fixed even more so I can run VB on one machine and stream on that same machine without lag or a super powerful desktop.

  • r0i369 said:

    Dead link for the video blaster

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