How to Evoke Emotion and Arouse Responses with Video

January 15, 2018 0

How can you tie your next video to an initiative that will further business? First determine the action you want your prospects to take, then decide what video scenario or concept will produce an emotion to take viewers to conversion.

Why Video Makers Should NOT Be Selling Video

October 10, 2017 4

It’s not about your ability to edit video. It’s not all about your video equipment…Do you know what your clients are REALLY buying when they need your video services? Let’s talk about it on this edition of The DV Show.

15 Minute Tutorial: How to Make $100K a Year Producing Videos

October 6, 2017 7

Most people in the creative industries are struggling to live making only a tiny $40k per year. But you can do something about it. If you’re a creative person, passionate about your work but wish you could be paid more for it then this is the course for you.

Video Production Creative Briefs

September 20, 2017 1

Ansel asks:: I would like to gather project ideas, budgets and goals from my clients for video productions we produce for them. Is there a faster way to do this other than an initial production meeting? I want to spark some creativity from my clients and ensure confidence in the direction of the production. Thanks for a great website and podcast!