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The DV Show Podcast for February 27, 2012


Running time: 34:25

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Should you invest in high end equipment when pocket cameras are just as good? Which multi camera video switcher should you purchase? Controlling camera shake caused by loud music. Where to find quality, affordable voice over talent for free and wedding video music choices that will quickly land you in jail.

Show notes:

Webcasting studio equipment suggestions – all out super studio
Vibration suppression pads
Buy your own neoprene
Decisions, Decisions: Flip HD vs Playsport vs Kodak Zi8
Software based video switchers
Using multiple microphones on a camera
Tons of Voiceover Talent for Your Video Productions
Extract date/time stamp
Extract date/time stamp
Elite Videographer
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  • Warren said:

    The trick to using a consumer HD camera is to keep it zoomed out wide on a tripod. To get a tighter shot you must move the camera closer. You can get a high quality video with a consumer HD camera, but if you stand any distance from your subject then do an optical zoom-in you will start loosing quality. The professional HD cameras have higher quality lenses that don’t compromise picture quality as much when zooming into the subject. No matter what camera you use it is better to stay wide and physically move the camera closer when possible.

  • Matthew Kidomen said:

    Your segment about background music for weddings was a valuable warning. You made a suggestion to use “public domain” music. There is another option, called, “Creative Commons Music” This music can be used royalty free, but must be listed in the credits. A great example is a website created by Kevin MacLeod. You can hear hundreds of samples of his music on his web site: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/ It can be searched by Feel (I found this helpful for movie background music), Genre, or Key Word. Here is a Machinima I made using his music, with his complete blessing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l983uIFfsUY Because the music fit my use so well, I did send Mr. MacLeod $5. per song. I have since done a web interview, with Mr. MacLeod, and about 30 other Machinimist

  • brandon said:

    i think saying that you can re-produce the look of a 5d with a flip video cam is misleading. Its all about versatility and since versatility on a pocketcam is limited, so is the professionalism.

    love your service to the community, here. It just bothered me that you presented it as if the more versatile and hence professional camera is just for show.

    although I do share your enthusiasm for even the image in the iphone 4 video camera.


  • vs@vspnetwork.tv said:

    Love your comments on using the Kodak vs. a DSLR. I feel the same as you, but I appreciate how you worded that. I constantly ask myself, “how do I show up at a $3000 video shoot with a Zi8, although it is extremely higher quality of my professional camera.” So your response is spot on for me.

    I have been saving for a Nikon D7000 and hope to get that in a couple months. Fortunately, most of my work is with small businesses, smaller projects, and once I show them the finished footage, they are impressed. I also usually talk to them ahead of time and address their fears that such a small camera can do amazing quality. And I always emphasize my editing skills; plus I ALWAYS use external mic, either plugged into the kodak or dvr, or a wireless lapel, so I do bring that professionalism too.

    Basically, your answer to that question is…perception. That’s what it’s all about. And unfortunately, perception is reality (that’ll twist your brain!).


  • Wali Rashidi said:

    I love your take on the quality of the jobs and the equipment you want to use. you are dead on it.

  • Ronan said:

    I would be interested to see a comparison where you got one of these cheap cameras to look exactly like a high end camera.

  • Arielle Q (@drempt_vision) said:

    “@thedvshow: Question answered on podcast: How to control camera vibration caused by loud music from speakers: http://t.co/k2etBID”

  • Raymond Roman (@raymondroman) (@raymondroman) said:

    Should you invest in high end equipment when pocket cameras are just as good? http://ow.ly/4CGGc

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