Recognizing the Soul Sucking Client

Video production and soul sucking clients. Recognize these traits in bad clients before you waste your time, reputation and money.

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  1. This podcast id soooooo true! Get as much as you can signed and approved upfront. Make sure your client understands that you will do your best and they hired you because you have a set of skills they do not. Beyond that, if they want work redone, MAKE SURE your contract indicates that YOU GET PAID for the extra work. You may not think the a*****e who will refuse everything you do, could possibly exist, or that someone who paid will work against his own best interest; you’ll be surprised at what’s out there. And don’t assume that your client’s prestigious profession or job title makes them intellectually or morally superior; I’ve seen all kinds. All that being said, if you take the right steps to protect yourself, film planning and production is a very enjoyable business.

  2. This podcast hits my situation on the nail dealing with the independent music scene. I shoot music videos and presentations and artist contact me wanting to know the cost of my services. Well budget is very important for me to know how big or how far I can expand my creativity. Because I do it for fun and for the love of filming I accept low amounts of money to work with the artist but I am disappointed in the potential of would I really could do if they spent the right kind of money.

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