The Future of Video Production

Video production used to be about fancy equipment, cool effects, big budgets and ‘creative’. Today, effective video production is more about delivering measurable business results.

Join us on this podcast as we predict the future of video production and what you need to do to adapt with our guest Jimm Fox, who has been working in the “Holy Trinity” of the marketing video industry for more than 25 years.

He has experience with two Fortune 500 companies in Toronto, Paris and Ottawa and is best known for his partnership with designer Bob Coady to co-found Shoreline Communications, which was later acquired by Arlene Dickinson, Canada’s highest-profile, female entrepreneur.

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Show notes:
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  1. I listened to this podcast with much attention good stuff but nothing new in this industry- it’s the same as it ever was.

    I started in commercial photography in the early 70s. I and others like me undercut other pros, and watched as the next generation undercut us. The cost of entry into this business has always been low and is getting lower. But it doesn’t change the equation that a pro has an investment, knows how to successfully sell themselves time after time, deliver on time, and hopefully underbudget and will likely be there long after the newbie who doesn’t have the financing, ability nor stamina, to stay in business is gone. Complaining about it solves nothing. Producing the work, and winning the bids does. If you want a job that has a high entry cost, and keeps out the newbies, try medicine.

  2. There is no question that lowballing newcomers depress the market somewhat, but, this is not a reason to get hysterical, because while they somewhat damage the general reputation of the biz and muddle the experience for clients, the low-ball “noobs” don’t ever last very long. Their methods and setups are unsustainable over time.

    Second point about that is that you shouldn’t be marketing yourself in a niche were noobs coming in are even a threat to begin with.

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