The Production Assistant’s Pocket Handbook

Want to work on a Hollywood movie? The job of Production Assistant is usually the first way in for many people in the industry. It’s a low level grunt job, but often times the only way to get your foot in the door and move on to bigger and better things in the film and TV world. Your performance as a P.A. will decide how far and how quickly you can move up the industry ladder, and this article tells you everthing you need to know to shine as a PA!

The Production Assistant’s Pocket Handbook is a PDF document you can download and print out for easy referral whether your a new P.A. or seasoned professional. Simply print out the pages, fold in half, and carry it around with you when needed. It includes 24 chapters with helpful information on what it takes to be a great P.A. for Film or Television. Written by Caleb John Clark, veteran Hollywood PA

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