Who Wants Success Pitching a Video or Film?

Do you really want success pitching a video or film? Learn from the mistakes of these two filmmakers who botch a pitch so badly we take down notes and come up with four lessons on what NOT to do.

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Show notes:

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  1. Great podcsat….as usual. It’s important to note that you need to find an AGENT that has connections to the studios to pitch your ideas. That, or make a youtube series that will get noticed and bought… like Napoleon Dynamite did. These guys on Shark Tank were just a filler and not serious.

  2. I have made a discovery of my own. There was a video on YouTube that came out one year ago called “Kung Fury” . The trailer to the film is different and I can see how it would gain popularity quickly, however there is one thing that this film has that most people don’t. Somehow they were able to create a music video with David Hasselhoff in order to further promote the film. Which in the long run is easier than trying to build a following over the course of many years like Freddie Wong did.

    I would encourage you to do your own research about “Kung Fury”, how they went about promoting it and how they got funding for it.

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