Why Facebook Watch is a Game Changer for Video Professionals

We are living in an Attention Economy.” Whoever can command the most attention will be successful.

Take a listen to this podcast as we go into a bit more detail about Facebook Watch and how content creators, video professionals, video advertisers and indie filmmakers can use it to build their brand and company.

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Show notes:

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  1. An article at the Wall Street Journal (see here) reveals a whole host of problems that Facebook is still wrestling with.

    back at the beginning, executives were skeptical that everyday Facebookk users would use Live Streaming
    from the trial “Seventy percent of the users were college- or high-school-aged, and a large number were African-American teenagers”
    no ability to censor violence from streams, including the streaming of murders and suicides
    After paying media companies and celebs to post using FB Live ($100M budget), “Nearly a year later, many publishers say Facebook Live viewership is lackluster.”
    Facebook is still trying to sort out how FB Live content generators can make money form the advertising
    the anticipated flow of streamed wedding and holiday party video has not materialised


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