Should You Rent or Own Video Equipment?

December 10, 2017 7

Should you rent or own your video equipment? What makes the most sense? What factors help you make the choice? Ron Dawson author of the book: Refocus gets into incorporating HDSLRs into your business the smart way.

Making MORE Money with Real Estate Video

November 27, 2017 8

Making money producing real estate video. We talked about the subject many times on the DV Show: sell your production services to an agency or agent, show up on site with your camera and create a video tour…easy cash in your pocket. But that’s where it usually ends.

Professional real estate videographer Russ Carson joins us to talk about additional monetization tips, techniques and ideas for squeezing more out of it.

When Badly Produced Video Gets Attention from the World

November 13, 2017 8

Here is a story of Kellie Leitch, a prominent government official in Canada who didn’t think about the impact of video and how important it is to have a high quality production when delivering a message to the masses.

Three of the Best Shotgun Microphones for DSLR Video

October 16, 2017 6

After listening to the podcast or watching the live recording, You will NEVER, EVER need to shop for another microphone EVER again. Three of the Best Shotgun microphones for video on this edition of The DV Show.