The Elite Videographer Training Series

Businesses are looking for you right now – a creative professional who can produce compelling web video. The internet is the new way of selling online and they need what you have. But are you ready? Do you have the business know how and skills to get the job done? This 4 hour podcast series, divided into 5 days of listening, will help you balance your creative side with the business side. We will give you the tools and techniques to become a web video production powerhouse.

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What is an Elite Videographer?

  • Is technically sophisticated
  • Is experienced and highly professional
  • Is not rushed
  • Is frugal and budget conscious
  • Is efficient and organized
  • Earns a high hourly rate within the least amount of time.
  • Is sharply focused on business, not equipment or how creative they can be
  • Is a master at editing
  • Knows what to charge clients
  • Knows what clients to charge
  • Always maintains perception
  • Is a hunter on weekdays and a fisherman on weekends
  • Is aware of what social media can do and does it
  • Has a reputation for producing quality videos
  • Knows when to say no
  • Can smell a bad client a mile away

Yes, the “Elite” form of production will be a departure from your artistic, carefully crafted style.

Automation is the enemy of creativity – (quoted from the webinar) – which lies at the Elite style’s core. Many veteran videographers and “filmmaking aficionados”, who want to protect “the craft”, are very offended by this style – I know because many of them emailed me! Like fine art fanatics, creative people shun this type of production. “You’re degrading the industry”, “pimping your skills to commercial production is the lowest a video professional can go” as some of the emails said.

Personally, I like producing a carefully crafted visual story and have not departed from it- I can relax, take my time editing, lead the audience to a message, a feeling, while weaving through a story line with characters, perfect angles and creative shot composition along a nice musical score to accentuate the story. I love handing a completed DVD to a client in nice packaging – a sense of accomplishment.

But it didn’t make me any money.

I would be better off working less hours at McDonald’s for a higher hourly rate.

The lack of business sense and not being able to see what I was creating had another purpose from the client’s perspective made me financially starve. I was losing clients left and right who had a demand I was never able to meet.

Rookies can’t be Elite

The “Elite” form of video production needs what many of us learned over many years- it needs the wisdom and skills gained from experience. Without experience, the Elite would not be able to move efficiently and effectively through any production.

The Elite can move faster, quicker- we can anticipate what happens next- we know what to expect and how to handle it. The element of feeling like we need to “take our time creating a masterpiece” doesn’t exist in this form of production because we’re already trained to know what to do- we have the skills to make it happen.

Getting clients and being able to pump out 5-6 :30 to :60 second effective web videos in a week for $800 to $1000 a piece single handed is FAR from what any rookie can do.

It takes experience, guts and time to be part of the Elite.

What Will I Learn?

Four hours of intense training from industry experts on the most important topics:

What Equipment You Need – Brian Alves

It’s an exciting time to be in the video production industry and it’s time to take advantage of this buzz to add as an additional revenue stream or to make it your main source of revenue. Your eyes will be opened on how simple it is.

How to Create Compelling Video – Justin Foster

Justin Foster, VP of Market Development at, discusses a framework for creating web video that sells based on the Fogg Behavioral Model. Now you can create successful content that works and keeps clients coming back for more with his unique psychological formula.

How to Brand your Business – Ron Dawson

Ron Dawson, author of the book Refocus: Cutting-Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business, gets into how to establish a sticky, unforgettable brand for your video business that stays way ahead of the competition.


Workable Techniques to Get Clients – Dan Turner

Dan is an established, successful freelancer who is fearless when it comes to hunting for new clients. Whether you’re starting your first video business or already an established player, his methods will keep you geared towards success.

What to Charge for Your Video – Kris Simmons

There are so many factors involved in this issue, that no one answer will be able to cover all the bases. Kris Simmons, from, discusses creative strategies to deploy when deciding how much to charge a client for your services so it is YOU who gets perpetual business.

Who is this course for?

  • You’re a videographer with passion, the equipment and the skills to produce something businesses are craving.
  • You’re not afraid to go out there and get them. You see the fish. Cast your net and get loads – the pond is full.
  • This course is not for you if you’re lazy, unmotivated or suffer from tall poppy syndrome and just think successful people are bragging jerks.

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  1. My Premium subscription to The DV Show is one of the better investments I have made in my business. Your web site, podcasts and Webinar, not to mention your personal advice in response to my questions, have been an excellent resource for my business.

  2. Tons of valuable information for newbie and pros. And I mean pack full of information! I have to go back to the archives to absorb it all in.

  3. The content was excellent. The way it was presented gave me the shot in the arm to go out there and become an Elite Videographer. Thank you!

    I really had a blast listening in and participating with the other listeners. Brian, you always offer such helpful advice with such cheer. I’ve already gotten one friend to sign up for this webinar, and will definitely recommend it to others.

  4. Thank you! thank you! thank you! DV Show staff and guests. I took a day off from work to attend a session live that is how good this webinar was. I will be back when more webinars are announced. A+++

  5. The live interaction this webinar offered was unbeatable. Learning from a mix of newbies and professionals really helped the live aspect of this webinar come together.

  6. You’re missing out on some insider information on what works and what doesn’t in the world of web video production if you haven’t listened to this yet. The information presented was from an experienced professional in the field. That alone made this webinar set apart from any other I attended before. It was real. This guy knows what he is talking about and he proved it in this webinar. Can’t wait to attend more.

  7. Lots of new ideas. Good information and resources, as usual from The DV Show. I had some connection problems for the first few sessions, so the archives will be very helpful.

  8. The entire webinar will be available to download once things are all said and done to my knowledge, mp3’s, PDF slides and the entire video. Brian takes care of us!

  9. I followed the advice to call businesses to book an appointment. The ratio for calls to customer was about right. I booked my first appointment. I would not have done this without this webinar. I’m not normally a salesperson but using the script that the Webinar provided helped my overcome my fears and comfort zone.

    It’s the best one year subscription I’ve ever spent. It’s great education for the money!

  10. Well done, the Elite Videographer series is truly an amazing set of tools that everyone can benefit from. I am an intermediate videographer and you have allowed me to make quantum leaps in video production by assembling this very rare information, commonly reserved for high level college learning. Great work, you contribution to media and its progression is deeply appreciated.

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