The first podcast for the prosumer videographer market. 

If you're looking for a new and innovative way to reach cutting edge video production professionals, consumers and hobbyists, make your mark with The DV Show- now appearing on iTunes, The Tech Podcasting Network, Podcast Alley, Podcast News and more! 

Described by listeners as informative, edgy, offbeat, irreverent, engaging -- this is a niche online radio program like you've never heard before.  DV Show listeners are technology-savvy professionals heavily involved in video production. They rely on our podcast and web site to provide them with the tools and information they need to create interesting and creative content.

Our listening audience is unique: 
  • 80% of DV Show listeners surveyed said that they are more likely to seek out products and services after hearing about them on the show.
  • 75% of them said that they listen outside their home; 14% listen while commuting; 11% listen while exercising.
  • 17% have an advanced degree.
  • 25% have income over $75k.
  • 35% spend an average of 2 hours, 7 minutes on the internet while listening.
What Makes The DV Show so special? 
  • Once a week The DV Show is delivered to over 5,000 subscribers who have the podcast arrive fresh and piping hot to their iPod or PC based MP3 player- automatically
  • 62,000+ daily click through listeners enjoy the same program direct from the internet 
  • The DV Show brings the impact of radio through a more interactive medium
  • makes it easy for listeners to contribute to the show and download tips, tricks and free software mentioned on the show 

What You Get: 

  • Recognition from a large listener base. Our website and podcast can deliver you results unlike any other form of media
  • Professionally produced, radio-style spots per episode to reinforce and add credibility to your message 
  • Professionally produced, hot linked video commercials or banners placed within our vidcast
  • Complementary interviews about your product or service
  • Links to your website and white paper downloads, case studies, or product information are displayed on our website and mentioned within the podcast 
  • Banner ads or text ads in strategic, high traffic areas of our website
  • The ability to measure your results in real time

Additional Marketing Products:

  • Rent our opt-in email list for targeted reach. The DV Show's opt-in email file is currently at 130,000 readers and growing. These are motivated prospects that are actively seeking product and service information related to digital video
  • Focal Points associate your product and company information with highly targeted content categories. Your message is positioned where it relates to an interview or segment 

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