Video Hosting Libsyn vs Amazon S3

Grant asks: I’m having a financial debate on which service is more cost effective for hosting video files: Amazon S3 or Libsyn. Which one is better?

Answer: From the top companies on Siftery, Amazon S3 has more customers than Libsyn. Here is an updated comparison summary

Libsyn is used at 150 companies including: Starship Design, University of Rochester, VentureBeat, and University of Kentucky.

Amazon S3 is being used at 7143 companies including: Pactsafe, HashedIn, BizKonnect, and Amazon. Recommended by 87 users – including those at Optimizely, Sumo Logic, and Coimbra Genomics.

I have always been (and still am) a fan of For $12 a month, I get unlimited storage of my back catalog, and unlimited bandwidth (meaning 1 million people can download your videos and it doesn’t cost me any more).

UPDATE: Their packages start at $5, $7, $15, $20 and up.

I also use them for their stats. I can login to my account (no external software needed), upload my media, copy the URL of the file, and paste it into my WordPress.

Amazon S3 is hosting from It offers really inexpensive hosting. You pay for what you use. It’s .15 per gigabyte of storage. It’s .10 per gigabyte of transfer.

But what if you want to use Amazon S3 and you want stats? The first thing is you have to use Firefox (with the Amazon S3 organizer plugin) or something like the Cloudberry Explorer (free). You need to configure these programs to see your account. Then you have to put a “redirect” in front of EVERY media file.


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